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阿什利·奎克(Ashley Quick),外勤助理

This blog series is designed to support school-based administrators in addressing the US 教育部’s call to action, 通过 返校路线图, 联邦, 状态, and local leaders to close the performance gap for students with disabilities during the 2021–2022 school year. was a quick reference guide providing suggestions for implementing each of the priorities set forth in Landmark 2: Build School Communities and Support Students’ Social, 情感, 和心理健康. 在这篇文章中,我们将探讨实现里程碑3:加速学术成就的方法.


The American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) Fund provides substantial funding to support the reopening of schools and to address the academic, 社会, 情感, 以及因新型冠状病毒肺炎大流行而产生的心理健康担忧. 随着学生和教职员工回归面对面学习, the US 教育部 has prioritized the acceleration of 学术成就 in order to mitigate learning loss brought on by the uniquely challenging circumstances of the pandemic. Students with disabilities were disproportionately impacted by school closures resulting in some students experiencing significant gaps in service provision.

This call to action requires school-based leaders to have an established plan for accelerating 学术成就 of students as they return this fall. The purpose of this tool is to provide guidance to school-based leaders in developing a plan to address the priorities identified with Landmark 3: 加快学术成就 within the 返校路线图.

This quick-guide serves as a snapshot of how 状态s across the country can respond to three of the priorities named in Landmark 3 and how school-based administrators can put these commitments into action. 在这里下载你自己的快速指南!


  1. 提醒学生断开连接的青年.
    1. 行动策略:
      1. 对学生和家庭进行个人联系.
      2. Provide stipends to teachers who spend time outside regular working hours to locate and reengage students who have been chronically absent.
      3. 鼓励教师 实施重新连接战略 例如构建有趣的例程(e.g., choosing a class theme song to mark key moments in the school day to motivate students and ensuring break time for physical movement).
      4. Seek out resources to ensure students have consistent connections to high-speed broadband in the event of a return to remote or hybrid learning.
        1. 为学生获取在线资料的其他途径制定计划, 比如可以邮寄到学生家里的打印件.
  2. 确定学习机会上的差距.
    1. 行动策略:
      1. Use high-quality diagnostic and formative assessments that provide timely information to help educators pinpoint exactly where to focus for particular students.
      2. 确保课程符合文化和语言要求.
        1. 审查现有材料,以确保代表不同的作者和观点.
      3. Utilize consistent progress monitoring of critical skills to ensure progress is being made and be able to make instructional adjustments in a timely manner.
  3. 投资于基于证据的策略来解决失去的教学时间, 尤其是对受疫情影响最大的学生而言.
    1. 行动策略:
      1. Provide opportunities for students to learn at grade level rather than through tracking or remediation.
        1. 优先考虑学生参与和支持同伴合作, including through project-based learning and opportunities for students to support each other in their learning.
      2. 为学生安排高质量、高剂量的辅导机会.
        1. 让受过训练的教育者做导师.
        2. 尽可能在上学期间进行辅导.


2021年3月, 美国救援计划法案被签署成为法律, 为ARP ESSER基金提供了1220亿美元. These funds are available to support the safe reopening of America’s schools through prioritizing health and safety practices, 以及社会性, 情感, 和心理健康. 随着学生和教职员工回归面对面学习, the US 教育部 has prioritized the acceleration of 学术成就 in order to mitigate learning loss brought on by the uniquely challenging circumstances of the pandemic.

利用这个清单作为指导, school-based leaders can be assured they are taking action to address the most critical elements to support 加速学习 and mitigate learning loss, 这受到了美国教育部“重返校园路线图”的启发. 在此下载指南.


新型冠状病毒肺炎给全国各个学区带来了重大挑战. Public Consulting Group (PCG) remains steadfast in our commitment to supporting districts and students. 以下是我们可以提供的帮助:

特殊教育研究、行动计划和促进. 主题专家和顾问可以研究最佳实践, 库存资源, 指导行动计划, and facilitate the development of digital learning instructional continuity plans to help you address emergency situations that result in interrupted 教育 for students with disabilities.

虚拟指令工具包. This toolkit contains a library of tools and resources to help educators establish Online and Distance Learning instructional models based on best practices.

虚拟人力资源解决方案. PCG provides trained professionals to augment staffing needs and work directly to support your efforts to deliver continuity of instruction and services during this emergency period using your available digital learning solutions or by providing PCG’s EDPlan™ suite of tools.

专业发展. 葡京网站主题专家可以提供急需的指导, 培训, and support to help you establish or enhance best practices related to educating students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment.


Ashley Quick is a special 教育 Subject Matter Expert at Public Consulting Group (PCG) and a field associate for PCG's Project Success Resource Center. 作为“成功项目”的一部分. Quick works in partnership with 状态 departments of 教育 and local 学区 to develop and lead professional development on the integration of academic standards, 功能性技能, 课程, 以及改善有严重残疾学生成绩的评估. Ms. Quick also coaches individual educators and school teams on the implementation of inclusive practices to expand opportunities for students with disabilities and ensure the obligation to provide a free and appropriate public 教育 (FAPE) is met. 

在加入PCG之前,Ms. 奎克在小学做了10年的特殊教育老师. She graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special 教育 in 2004 and earned her MBA through Clark University in June 2021.

在2019冠状病毒病期间,市政府推出了新的教师资源. 城市一年. (2020年9月1日). 于2021年10月1日检索